Unfinished Painting by Mike Capron

I always enjoy learning in the creative process. I have several different thoughts on how I can finish this painting. My original plan was to paint a landscape with an imaginary character in the landscape and try to make it look correct. I wanted to do as much memory drawing as possible. I researched lots of historical information. I did the landscape from memory also.  I am happy so far, but it doesn’t feel finished because I have not titled it and there is no real message to the painting. Just a character and a landscape...........
I would like to hear your thoughts on what I have done so far and where I need to go in-order to finish the painting.....I have some ideas but would love to hear some more. We can call it a community art class.
Thanks for your time and thoughts......
Mike Capron 




Linda Kirkpatrick

Good morning Mike and Ann! Before I read your thoughts, the message that I got was one warrior returns. I do like it as it is. The warrior is setting tall and straight but yet alone which that tells the story that the rest of his band is gone. A sad, lonely return to his tribe. If you don’t like it, I can hang it in my house! lol Hope that our trails cross again! Linda Kirkpatrick


……looks fine to me, charlie russell probly would like it and would look pretty good hangin’ in my “treasure” room…..of course i ain’t a very good art critic ….i like what it like………..

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