Unfinished Painting by Mike Capron

I always enjoy learning in the creative process. I have several different thoughts on how I can finish this painting. My original plan was to paint a landscape with an imaginary character in the landscape and try to make it look correct. I wanted to do as much memory drawing as possible. I researched lots of historical information. I did the landscape from memory also.  I am happy so far, but it doesn’t feel finished because I have not titled it and there is no real message to the painting. Just a character and a landscape...........
I would like to hear your thoughts on what I have done so far and where I need to go in-order to finish the painting.....I have some ideas but would love to hear some more. We can call it a community art class.
Thanks for your time and thoughts......
Mike Capron 




Mary Helen Schreiner

It is a magnificent painting! It is finished and perfect!

Tim Morris

What’s a solitary fellow doing riding west from Bakersfield in the heat of the day. His horse is in good shape so he’s not running from anything. He’s not painted for war. He has his lance and shield; a fellow can’t go around naked. He has his best robe; his wife probably told him to take it along. He has a bad belly ache and he figures it is not going away. He is on a trek. He wants to see the water gushing from the earth at Comanche Springs one last time. What a sight that must have been 150 years ago.

Considering where he is, a mesquite or a greasewood might not be out of line. I always look forward to Monday morning to see what you have posted. Thanks for the pleasure.

Earl Calhoun

Dear friend Mike,
I am not qulified to offer you the art advice you seek. But I do know an expert that once wrote the following:
“I have always been fasinated by these three things: ridin’, ropin’, and paintin’. I find many things similar in these
three art forms. The challenges are always present in all three.

Nobody rides every horse, nobody catches every cow, and nobody makes a master piece every time.

I am sarisfied to concentrate on the artform of painting, drawing and sculpture at the present. Sharpening
the fundamentals of draftsmanship, composition, values of form, color studies of Chihuahuan light, paint
quality, perspective, anatomy and proportions are something that keep me busy through this life time. I
love the problems of creating a picture that someone can relate to and feel connected to. This is a means of
commuications that has been around since the first cave wall artist. Expresssing oneself is always a challenge,
but it can be hopeless if you don’t have anything to say."

That expert that I quote is none other than yourself!

I’ve been told that the horse that a bronk rider wants to ride most is the last one that threw him!
Sic’m Cowboy! I’m bettin on you!

Earl “Button” Cahoun
Delaware Mountain Ranch

Barry Pittman

I love all your work Mike and I look forward to your weekly email! I piddle with pencil and pen and ink drawing and I have a select bunch of buddies that I trust to put my stuff through the wringer but I also value anyone’s critique. I agree with those that have mentioned the side saddle look. It was the first thing I noticed and I think it is the shoulders not being square with the hips. With that being said, I also understand the shield and lance are having to be carried at an angle which is why the shoulders aren’t square with the hips. Perhaps flattening the hide or blanket a bit where it laps across the top part of the right leg would help re-define that appearance. Just a thought…. again, I admire and love your talent and cowboy wisdom.


I have photographed many yucca plants in bloom around there. If that is a yucca plant at the front of the horse a bloom or 2 might work for you. . . I wish my memory could hold such picture details for painting.

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