What Color Pig? ~ By Bailey Anderson

What Color Pig?
 By Bailey Anderson
I’ve written stories about both Jason Pelham and Kev, but this one happens to involve both of them. Sit tight.
Jason and Kev are both well known for having “mischievous minds,” for lack of a better term.
Jason is a big-time hunter and had killed a couple of pigs to rid the ranch he worked for of such a nuisance. Instead of disposing of the body, he did what Jason does and wired it to the grill of my dad’s pickup. Dad wouldn’t just take it off, so everyone had to live with the stink of that thing being parked outside the house. So, the wheels in Kev’s head went to turning to figure out revenge.
One day Lady Luck shined down on Kev as she was driving by the only cafe in Gail, America. She noticed Jason had left his leggins hanging on the mirror of his ranch truck to dry after a wet day in the pasture. Naturally, as anyone would do, she stole them.
A cowboy’s leggins are as precious as a hat, especially in west Texas—prime mesquite country. They don’t come cheap, and you can’t just run down to your local Walmart for another pair. So, Jason came hot. He even went straight to the sheriff, but he could only surmise that some out-of-towner driving down highway 180 decided they wanted a souvenir from a cowboy. No one crosses Jason and gets away with it. He’s a large, strong man without a filter for his actions or his words for the most part, so he was on the hunt. Word quickly spread that he was searching for a thief.
Kev is a very talented artist, but sometimes she uses her powers for evil. She began drawing cartoons of Jason stomping his hat in the parking lot of the cafe while he yelled and cussed whoever stole his prized possessions. Since people are scarce in Borden county, artists are even more scarce. It didn’t take Jason long to figure out what was going on.
A few days later, Kev came out of the post office to find Jason measuring her grill guard. With a smile, he said, “What color pig do you want?”












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