Western Traditions

   Western Tradition 


                                                             Mike Capron


A nice hat and some cowboy boots is what some call “Western Tradition”, but I grew up where “Western Tradition” was a deep serious statement. It was your character, your way of life. Your word was your bond. If you told someone you were going to do something, you did it……!!!!!!!!

When you were making a deal, you dealt with one person at a time, you didn’t have more than one deal going at once.  You didn’t need a contract to make the deal solid and lasting. Your handshake was all that was necessary. And your handshake was strong, not like a limp dishrag….When you were talking to someone you looked them in the eye.  In the “Trail Driving Days”  lots of big cattle deals were made in the dirt right next to the herd. The money changed hands and put in sacks to carry back home.  Of course you were probably going to deal with some lead bullets if you messed with that sack full of money.  

You always tipped your hat when you met a lady and you never wore your hat in the house. You took your spurs off when you went into a ladies house. Never wore your hat when you were dancing. Respect for your fellow man and introductions were always made when a new member joined a group. No cussing in mixed company, and never take the Lords name in vain.  

Never ride your horse in front of someone. Don’t eat on the chuckwagon lid. Respect the cooks space around the chuckwagon. Get in the back of the line, don’t cut in line.  

Good strong stories were legal, and the truth was always considered a very important ingredient. But the west has always stretched the truth. Riding long hours in the saddle with only your horse to talk to, will lend itself to help create some good stories. This is a talent that is developed with time and sharing of stories. It will keep you as busy as an old gal eating soup with her hat pin.


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