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 Wall Decorators 


   Mike Capron

I was born with the desire to paint and draw. I got into lots of trouble decorating my mothers walls with pencils and crayons. It wasn’t considered art, it was graffiti. It wasn’t long until I channelled my desires to proper materials. I am still looking at the art on the train cars, certainly executed with lots of dexterity. Looking at the railroad cars near an Indian Reservation is a beautiful color study. You can tell there is lots of Indian influence. Beautiful colors.  I love looking at art. Certainly some more than others. But here are five reasons why to buy and look at art by Al from the Museum of Western Art.   

Here are five compelling reasons why you should consider buying art:

"Emotional Connection: Art has the power to evoke emotions and touch your soul. When you find a piece that resonates with you, it becomes a part of your life. Whether it’s the colors, the subject matter, or the overall mood, art can bring joy, nostalgia, or inspiration. So, buy art because it makes you happy! 

Enhancing Your Space: Art isn’t just decoration; it’s an essential element of interior design. A well-chosen artwork can transform a room, adding depth, character, and visual interest. It becomes a focal point, guiding the overall aesthetic. So, why buy art? Because it enhances your unique environment and prevents rooms from feeling dull and one-dimensional. 

Inspiration and Creativity: Gazing at art sparks creativity. It encourages you to see the world from different angles, explore new perspectives, and imagine stories behind the brushstrokes. Art reminds us of boundless human creativity and the ability to create something meaningful. So, buy art because it inspires you and fuels your own creative spirit! 

Supporting Artists: When you buy art, you directly support artists and their livelihoods. Artists pour their hearts into their work, and your purchase validates their efforts. Consider purchasing from local artists—they thrive on community support. Plus, owning original art is more meaningful than mass-produced items. So, why not buy art and be part of an appreciative community? 

Collecting and Building Connections: Art collecting is a rewarding journey. It connects you to a broader artistic world—whether it’s a specific artist, style, or medium. Collectors share stories, attend exhibitions, and appreciate the nuances of each piece. So, why collect art? Because it’s about more than ownership; it’s about building connections and being part of a passionate community. 

Remember, art isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about enriching your life, supporting artists, and celebrating creativity. So, next time you encounter a piece that speaks to you, don’t hesitate—buy it! "

Thank You Museum of Western Art.      That helped me understand why I paint. And I appreciate the art  of different kinds now, just like I appreciate the people of different kinds……..




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Robert Ray

Its amazing to me to see such provoking, imaginative language coming out of Sheffield, Texas. Thank you Mike, and keep up the good work !

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