Visiting Double

                                               Visiting Double

                                               By Skeet Gould

   There on the Hess Ranch was a family, last name of Garcia who were great folks. Benito was Dads main help, and Artudo was my main friend They could both rope well, and got to a lot, doctoring screw worms.

 The crew was moving a herd somewhere. Arturo and I were in the drags, and kept getting right together so we could talk. Who knows what two buttons could have to talk about? Our Dads kept telling us to shut up, split up and keep the drags coming. Don’t know how often this happened, but know after we nooned out, Arturo and I ended up riding double, yep Arturo in his saddle and me behind rubbing myself raw on the rear seat jockeys. Artudo knew better but I was the worst of the two of us to gab.  Might have learned something, but I still like to visit.








diane gould

Happy, Happy that you folks saw this. I was only 8 years old when we left Texas, but some of my best memories are of that Ranch and the Garcia Family.

Chad Hodges

My great great grandfather is Benito and my uncle is Arturo. I so enjoyed this piece and would love to hear more. Spent many great times with my family at the Hess ranch. Best time of my life with my family there. Thank you so much for sharing this about my grandpa and uncle. Them as with my cousins, grandmas, aunts and uncles were the best times. Thank you so much sir.

Chris krueger

Amazing. I have some old letters from Gould to my grandfather when he managed the ranch. I’ll have to get them out and reread them now. Got a couple of old pics to, somewhere…

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