Texas Cowtown Collection

   Texas Cowtown Collection



                                                                         Mike Capron


Last Thursday ,Nov 2,2023 Wilson and I went to Brumbaugh’s Furniture in Ft.Worth for the Cowtown Collection Art Show.  They say that Texas was made of Hide and Horn certainly Brumbaugh’s in Texas was.  Lots of Furniture of Hide and Horn and other Texas Treasures. Larry and Sally Brumbaugh definitely know how to throw a Texas party. Lots of good art, drink, food, music, great Texas county people, and lots of Texas decorations to look at.   

I love Fort Worth. The countryside is inviting. It looks like a good place to have a trail drive. You can see why it was a great shipping point for all the cattle in the cattle drive days. Worlds of grass and water.  Plenty of great camp spots for chuckwagons and trail herds.  Ft. Worth is full of great shopping stores like Brumbaughs. We went to Teskey’s Western Store. Some friends said we need to go have breakfast there and we did. The cafe is adjoining to the tack store. We walked into the cafe section and sat at a table near the center of the room. The room was long and narrow and tables were only along the walls only one table deep. You could see the length of the room from where we were seated. The walls were covered with cowboy art. Of course I was looking at the art and recognized the fact that it was art that looked familiar but not specific pieces that I knew.  I knew it was original and very well done but I couldn’t figure why it was there……???????    Lots of art from Artist from the past and several I knew from the present.   Very puzzling to me, it was all priced but not like a gallery would do it.  Almost too difficult to see.  We had breakfast and went to the tack store. A huge room, barn like full of saddles, bridles, bits, knives, saddle blankets and every other imaginable piece of horse tack.  A huge collection, biggest I had ever seen of horse gear.  Definitely Texas …..!!!!!!   Mike Teskey has put it all together, a huge endeavor for one man and then to make it fly. Brumbaughs is the same way, one family owner and operators.  

Art and Art Shows are a good excuse to meet people and see some new country. I thoroughly enjoyed the outing and the opportunity to meet some new people and see some new things. I sure do thank Larry and Sally for the invite to participate in the Cowtown Collection.  Texas is big and one of the Texans there asked me if I was from Abilene or close by….??   

He said, “You look like you are from West Texas, you live close to Abilene…???”  

I said, “No I live west of the Pecos River. We consider Abilene in East Texas.”


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