Shootin The Breeze on Company Time

                                                Shootin’ The Breeze on Company Time                                                                                        by

                                                             Mike Capron

This painting is headed to the Trappings of Texas, September 15th,16th,17th, 2022 in Alpine Texas. The Trappings was started 36 years ago with the thought that cowboys could come to town with their wares and have a weekend sharing their art and having a good get together and a chance to visit. Some of their art is a little hard to understand, like this painting.  These two cowboys are breaking lots of stock handling rules.  If you understand the rules you can skip the next couple paragraphs and continue to enjoy the painting.   

Moving livestock doesn’t require much vocal effort, its all about pressure and position.  Both of these horse herders are not paying attention to either their pressure or their position. This allows the remuda to wander and get lost.  For this reason it is a wonder these two hands are even still have a job.  Someone needs to be leading the horses as they will follow a leader and then it requires someone to keep the sides pushed in and someone to push them up and keep them together. This can be accomplished by two men  easy if they are paying attention to the herd, instead of riding along Shootin’ the Breeze.  Livestock knows when they are being herded properly if they have been trained to handle. The loose horses in this painting are already looking around for a way out.  

It wouldn’t be wise to be caught in this situation by the Boss.  He might ask you to ride the same hoss next time you leave camp. I know some bosses who will make sure you will be working for another outfit before long.  Most remudas will take advantage of relaxed herding techniques and if they get the chance will go where they please. Not good to loose a horse in the remuda.

Talking while working livestock is never an excepted practice on a very serious stock handling outfit.  I have worked on outfits where no one spoke all day, not even at noon. Everyone was to busy to get lunch ate and back to work.  You better know your job and the position you were given, and watch you don’t ride where you will infringe on someone’s job. 

Silence is the best speech most of the time …….August was hot and dry, September has been wet and cool, so slow Down, roll down your windows, turn off the radio, turn off the air-conditioner and look outside at the beauty God has made………!!!!!!!!!!



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