Raymond Quigg

                                               Raymond Quigg

                                                By Skeet Gould

   We were living in Brewster County Texas. North of Marathon on the Hess Ranch. It was maybe 1951. There were things happen to men a horseback that are very memorable to me. Once we were moving a herd with some bulls in it. Dad was riding a Grey horse he called Peero. One of those horned Hereford bulls ran up behind another bull, stuck a horn in his rear end. That bull bellered and ran under Peero, thru him in the air and went on. Peero was down on top of Dad, but got up with Dad still with him. Nobody was hurt.

  One of our neighbors was named Ramon Quigg. I know Dad thought of him as a good friend and really good cowboy. The Glass Mountains are pretty rough in places. Plenty of rock, cactus and brush. Raymond’s country was some of the roughest. Tragedy struck, I think Mr. Quigg had a niece visiting, They were horse back and the young ladies horse stampeded for some reason, Mr. Quigg tried to pick the runaway up, both horses fell, killing Dads friend. The young lady was not hurt, thankfully. I remember Mom getting  call coming in on the crank phone, Dad  , was around the barn, jumped in a pickup and leaving in a cloud of dust. Don't remember more, except it was a sad time around the country.








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