Old Friends

    Old Friends 


                                                          Mike Capron 

I include people, horses, dogs, in my category of old friends. I give work credit for creating lots of great connections. Amazing how overcoming problems by working together can’t create such strong bonds.  It has been said before, 'Gentle hosses are all right, but give me a snaky one for a hard ride.” Lots of strong bonds have been made after a tuff battle.  

 E.T. Collingsworth showed up this past week without any notification of his coming.  He walked into my studio and stared at me like I was supposed to remember him after nearly 30  years of passing. He had shaved his head and had a beard with sunglasses. I was looking at him waiting for him to speak.  He didn’t say a word until I introduced myself. 

He said, “You mean to tell me you don’t remember me.”  I was just stepping outside working on a project, and I was looking for a clue as to where he came from.  Just outside parked at the curb was a 1972 bright yellow Chevvy Pick-up………..

I said, “ That is ‘Banana Mae’ and you are E. T. Collingsworth.”

He said, “You do remember Me.

I said. “ Well Hell Yes…….I bumped Banana Mae and knocked a big scratch in her fender with my truck the “Onion Picker”.  

He said, “I know, that was about 1990. You remembered that so why couldn’t you remember me.”

I said, “ Banana Mae doesn’t have a bald head and a beard with sunglasses……”

E.T. spent the night and some more old time friends Bill and Jill MIller came to spend the night with us. We had a toddy and I chose a glass of gin made from the Cedar Berries at the ranch, made by “Wild Gin” I cooked some steaks that was from a beef we raised.  Bill and Jill brought some fresh asparagus and fresh strawberries all out of their big garden. Anne cooked some fresh bread that she made from fresh ground wheat flour from wheat seed her friend KK sent her. 

All of this and 30 years of stories were crammed into one evening that only can be inspired by “Old Friends”………….

These are the joys of old age that keep you young and vivo …….!!!!!!!

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