Nothin' To This Cowpunchin'


                                                    Nothin’ To This Cowpunchin’



                                                              Frank Lindley 



Herman my cousin and me were going out to Mentone to help brand at his uncle’s Herman Lindley. He had lots of big grey horses it was late in May some of the calves were getting pretty big. We didn’t get to drag any calves so you know what we got to do. After about a week I didn’t have any shirts left so I had to go to Pecos and buy some. Little Herman and me were drinking a little and we headed back to Mentone about midnight drove into the ranch old Herman was waiting up when we got there the next day was tough we didn’t stay out at night late anymore. Had lots of fun riding his horses they would buck and old Herman would ride up and bump em. He thought it would make them throw their heads up but as soon as he turned his head we would make ‘em buck some more. I don’t think he really cared if they bucked or not. 

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