More Ropin Stories~ As told by Many....

 More Ropin’ Stories 

As Told By Many
My grandad roped an eagle and a bobcat. Both were on the same big divide though years apart. He said the eagle fought worse than the bobcat. He caught the bird around the neck and a wing………………….Rowdy Holmsley
Mike, my now deceased cousin, Benny Fleming, ranch born and raised in the Sacramento Mountains, told me the stories about having roped quite of few critters,,, for the purpose of this roped and drug to death 3 sheep killing bears, an eagle, he said the easiest to rope as he caught the eagle eating a fresh killed lamb and was so full the eagle would run but couldn’t get airborne,,, he’d also roped ONE bobcat and ONE badger,,, he finished those tales by telling me,,, bobcats and badger are NOT meant to be roped to kill them,,, you’re just glad they got loose before getting in the saddle with you,,,on bears he said, be sure you’re mounted, and you know where you’ll be headed once you’ve got the bear roped,,, you don’t wanna be looking over your shoulder and ride into a corner of the pasture you’re in,,, years ago I was helping Jack and Noel gather sheep between Alpine and Marathon, on the Altuda, when I rode up on a hawk ,,, standing on the ground making hawk-like noises,,, jerked my rope down, roped him and headed to a cedar in a high trot,,,it was obvious this hawk wasn’t the healthiest I’d ever seen, but since he appeared ill, I sped up his end of life on this earth, got my rope back and rode off ,,, he mighta been an ill fowl, but I can say, I roped a live hawk,,, no further explanation needed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Rusty Fleming                                                                                                                     
Walt and Art Arnold were traveling across the desert pulling a horse trailer when the sighted a big horn sheep coming across the road; they slammed on the brakes, unloaded and mounting their horses. The sheep was big and older. They took off after it with ropes swinging. Walt told Art haze it to me and proceeded to drop off and bull dog the Ram. Walt was Art's Father and Art was surprised his father who was no youngster had bull dogged the Ram. He asked him why! He said my brother in law Breezy Cox is always bragging about roping a deer. Bet he never bull dogged a Big Horn Ram!
 As told by Dick Powell
Dad and my uncle Ralph Cowan roped an eagle and Ralph had it taxidermist and it sat on their mantle. It shared that place of honor with a two headed Hereford calf....................... Fred Davis
Johnnie Fitzgerald told me about roping an eagle up on Livermore one time. He was tied on and didn't really expect to catch it. Said he had a dickens of a time trying to get his rope off with that eagle flying around like a June bug on a string!
As told by Dale Parker
I know of one case of this happening; the golden eagle had just eaten and was full. He had trouble getting off the ground. The rope caught him on one side of the neck and one wing. this was one of those times after you did it you wonder why did I do that. The eagle was mad, the horse wasn't very happy about the mad eagle after them. How do you get the bird out of the loop? The roper finally got the bird wrapped up in a mesquite bush and got him out. Sometime ask me about roping my Mom's pet deer. By Andy Gray
Skeeter Byrd roped an eagle  and I roped a Badger. But badgers don't fly. As told by Roger Lamb 
I knew 2 cowboys that roped eagles. One kept him in a cage at the ranch and fed him rabbits. I got to feed him when I was little. …………………
told by Monty Kimball

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