Merry Merry Christmas

   Merry Merry Christmas 


                                                           Mike Capron


This Christmas Season has already been full of joy.  We have enjoyed many cards, phone calls from old friends,  and family getting together and some special Christmas parties. We enjoy sending Christmas Cards as I always enjoy hearing form old friends even thought it is only once a year, and as the years go by it means more and more to us. Anne has been sending cards for 53 years and the list is growing every year. We hear from one man that we haven’t seen since our first year in Nickel Creek that used to come by and stay with us at our little Nickel Creek Motel.  

This has been a very unusual year in several different ways. It has been hotter, dryer, wetter all in one year. A friend called and said he still had green leaves on the trees and the grass was greener now than it was in the summer and he thought we had a good chance for another peach crop this year………….


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Tracy and Art

Happy holidays Mike, and a very merry Christmas from Switzerland! Many thanks for the beautiful card, this year’s illustration of the grandkids tree is especially poignant, we had our three-year-old grandniece visit over the summer and she ran the whole house and all four adults for the duration without once breaking a sweat, what a joy! 🥰All the best to you, Anne, and the family, many well wishes for a fruitful and fearless 2024🥳

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