Little Brown Jug

  Little Brown Jug


                                                            Mike Capron

Little Brown Jug is a horse that I bought from my friend Jeff. I bought him with me and my grand girls in mind. I have been enjoying him every day and keeping him at the house in Sheffield town.   We take daily jaunts and have green grass to get staked out on, so it is not all town. Sheffield is most lenient for animals in town.  

My granddaughters Layne and Lillie came to see us this past week and we got to enjoy Little Brown Jug as much as the girls were comfortable with. Layne and Lillie are limited in their animal relationships, so we were taking it slow. One morning I hollered at the girls, “Come on girls let’s go feed Jug.”   Layne let me know, “Papa is name is “Little Brown Jug,”  “not just Jug.”

Anne said, “Well we could call him “LBJ” for short.”  

 I am sure this will cause some comment. 

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