Jerry Taylor

  Jerry Taylor 


                                                         Mike Capron

Jerry Taylor has Randy Wiegel, Dow Jones, and Cotton Elliott all captivated in a storytelling circle.  Jerry is the only one without his hat.  It had been a long day at Salt Flat and Rowdy’s wagon was mighty comfy. A fine auditorium for Jerry to tell his stories in.  Jerry was a little older and from a different world than these cowboy gentleman, and his stories were fresh and creative. 

Jerry said in his younger days that he was a bulldogger. This was enough to get their attention. His physique was not lending itself to believing where this story was going. He told them about going to Boseman, Montana to the college rodeo finals. He was entered in the bulldogging. 

Jerry said. “After getting our outfit all situated we decided to go check out some of these northern hangouts. We wanted to get acquainted some.  I was with my girl friend as she was on the rodeo team also and we were walking in front of the bar at this crowded saloon. Plenty of excitement and lots of people. I was right behind my girl friend and saw this cowboy reach out and pinch my girl on the behind. I grabbed his arm and spun him around, at the same time I hit him with my right hand that I had coming from the floor.  This was back in the day when you could strike a match on me anywhere you wanted to.   I fully expected him to be down for the count but he stood up and didn’t look fazed much by my blow. I was getting ready to come with another blow as hard as I could and he looked at me and smiled.”

He said, “ That will do sonny, I had the first one coming, but don’t hit me again.”   


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