It Is Still Raining

  It Is Still Raining 


                                                            Mike Capron


I have always been fascinated by Nature  and how times can change so fast. I live in the Chihuahuan desert and accept the fact that it doesn’t rain much. But when the monsoon hits my part of the world, it changes everything, and the dry times are over. All the signs of wet times are here, tarantulas start crossing the road, and the frogs come our and start croaking after a good rain for the first time since the last big rain.  All the signs of rain start working and the clouds are full of rain. Every cloud is full of water and I am amazed how much water can come out of one cloud.  One big rain can wash all the water gaps out, create big floods and fill lakes that supply water for big cities. I survived a monsoon in Viet Nam of 40 days and nights of non-stop rain. It was a constant drizzle and everything was wet. My good friend Wally was there with me and I told him that I was going to find me a big dust storm when I got back to Texas and follow it for a month, hoping to dry out.  It has been a long time since then and I am plenty dry after this last dry spell.  I love to watch the grass grow when it gets all the right conditions. It is growing in solid gravel now and the livestock are so full of green feed that they won’t come to the feed that I pour out.  The old timers tell me that it has to rain in the east before it will rain in the west. We are getting our part now after east and central Texas got theirs and I feel confident that far west Texas is next in line.  Certainly some bad comes with the good and we saw two big rattlesnakes yesterday and I watch constantly for them. One bit my dog when he stuck his nose too close. He is 7 or 8 years old but had not seen many snakes and his curiosity got him bit on top of the nose.  It was a big snake and the fang marks were as wide as his nose. I don’t think he got much venom as he survived the night well enough without much swelling. He is fine this morning.  We can both live with the rattlesnakes to get more rain like we have been getting. 


Let it Rain…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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