Horse Trading Secrets~ By Andrew Goudy



                                       Horse Trading Secrets


                                              Andrew Goudy


Thanks again ole scout! I love the good cowboy stories. It's good to keep them alive. I'll share you one that's a good one even if the cowboys aren't from Texas.

They were horse traders from the South end of Salt lake county. South Jordan area. Horse traders in every sense of the word, but if Clair heard about a derby somewhere, he'd stop his horse trading and attend to the needs of his second profession, cock fighting. But this story is about horse trading.

Keith Geerr had a big nice buckskin gelding in his trading pen that Clair knew he needed. After the right amount of dickering back and forth the deal was made and Clair was the proud owner of the good looking buckskin gelding.  The moment that his new "good deal" walked into the half opens gate Clair knew had been had. The horse was blind! So Clair did the only thing a respectable horse trader could do, he looked around for someone he could "inject"  this horse into. Being this good young gelding had a lot of shine to him, it didn't take too long till the new owner drove down the lane with their new disappointment.

When the new owner came spinning into Clair's yard with mad written all over him, he jumped out of his outfit a began scolding Clair about being a dishonest, thieving, low down horse trader! "Why didn't you tell me that horse was blind?" He concluded. Clair responded, "when Keith Geerr sold me that horse, he didn't tell me it was blind so I thought it was a secret that was supposed to be kept!"

Clair was about half honest! 






Ronny D. Williams

Another top story, and more top of the line art, keep’m coming, makes monday’s just like Christmas///

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