Extreme Sport

  Extreme Sport 


 Mike Capron

Men who work in the deep brush of South Texas never get bored or go looking for a more exciting job.  I have known brush hands of south Texas who said they would never go back to the plains or mountains….. Much more thrilling in the bushes of South Texas.  They never lacked for excitement.   The men and horses have to be as tough as the cattle that live in the bushes.    I worked in the bushes of South Texas for several years during the spring and fall works, and I was always happy to get home to West Texas to the rocks, cactus and mountains. Completely different in South Texas. My horses didn’t have thick enough hide to work the heavy brush.  And I was always looking for my hat.   I always dallied, so I spent some time looking for my rope also.  

The man I worked for owned ranches in South Texas and West Texas, so the hands had to trade out work on the different ranches. Never a shortage of stories or excitement.  He sold the West Texas Ranch and I had the option to go to south Texas and work with them on the South Texas Ranch. It was better pay and better benefits, but I figured I would make more money in West Texas, as I didn’t have to buy as many clothes and equipment.   

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