Coyote and Rabbit Drive



Uncle Obed (1898-1995) told us about this event, & son Johnny Baker JR typed it up just as he related.



                                                                       Coyote & Rabbit Drive-1929


                                                                             Dr. James Obed Baker 


Having grown up on the farm, I was constantly going hunting. But this experience was unlike any hunting adventure I had ever witnessed. It was 1929 & I was the superintendent of schools in the Texas Panhandle town of Darrouzett, Texas. That year or two, the rabbit population just went out of site. Like they were taking over the country. Along with the rabbits, the coyotes & bob cats were producing like you would not believe as well. So much available food.

So the people organized a "drive". It was an enormous undertaking. It involved hundreds of people & hundreds more of spectators. They formed a rough square 5 miles to the side, & everyone walked to the center. Most everybody carried a shot gun, but some had bats or clubs. Back then there were "wolf Hunters" with hounds (mostly Black & Tans) for chasing coyotes. Many people also had grey hounds for chasing coyotes. All were present. Organizers & directors were on horseback to oversee & help direct. As a spectator, I was on horseback. Spectators congregated on foot, horses, buggies & wagons.

At the designated time, the walking ground people began walking to the center. Participants could & did shoot any "varmint" they thought they could kill. If a coyote or mountain broke through the lines, the men with the dogs would set the dogs loose on them. The event was a sight to behold, & pretty exciting for sure. As the group approached the center things really got wild. It was mass confusion & fast shooting like I have never seen the like before or since.That day, the results were that they killed hundreds (maybe thousands) of rabbits, 62 coyotes, 31 bob cats, one mountain lion, 22 badgers, and dozens of raccoons. Everyone felt the "hunt" was a great success. The most amazing thing to me was that no one got hurt or accidentally shot by someone else. Long term, I do not know whether or not the "drive" had any long lasting effect on the rabbit & coyote population, but it was a thrilling day indeed for me & many others.






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