Come On Let's Burn Some Daylight

   Come On Let’s Burn Some Daylight 



                                                            Mike Capron


Last week I posted a painting titled “Burning Daylight”, and I asked if anyone knew where this term came from…..?    I had lots of guesses, only one person came up with an answer that sounded right. At least it was the most interesting answer.   My good friend Barney Nelson said that it was a Shakespeare quote from Romeo and Juliet. (Act 1, Scene 4). While trying to get Romeo to hurry, his best friend Mercutio says, “Come, we burn daylight”.   In later years, Bull Durham provided pocket-sized versions of Shakespeare’s plays.  Not sure about the history of Bull Durham and how long it has been around or when it was first produce. I know they quit selling the sacks in Jan. of 1990. I was smoking it then and quit smoking when I couldn’t buy any more Bull Durham. I bought a lot of Bull Durham but none of it came with any pamphlets of Shakespeare or any other reading material.  I would pay a premium for a sack of Bull Durham with a Shakespeare pamphlet tied to the sack. 

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