Brandin' In a Holdup

   Brandin’ In a Hold Up 


   Mike Capron 


Brandin’ in the open with no pens will test a crew.  You don’t want to watch your clock too much. It is more about 7 miles an hour than 70 miles an hour.  Sure is good for the cattle and horses.

I decided to do this painting as a test and exercise much like branding outside .   I decided to do it on a 5x10 canvas, very small for me. I was working on it when it came time go to Art Walk in Alpine , Texas. So I just loaded it up and took it to Alpine. Something I could work on when the visiting got slow.   I had a little time Friday and Saturday to work on it, and got it to this point. I will work on it more later, I am sure. But for now it will fly.  We had a great time at the Art Walk and the Big Bend Saddlery, where we set up. Lots of old friends and many new friends came to visit Friday and Saturday. Always good to get back in touch and swap some stories.  Big Bend Saddlery history goes way back and the Saddle Shop is full of historical Art and new treasures to purchase. The store is full of eye candy  and they have done a beautiful job of decorating the Saddle Shop and Store.  It was a blessing for the artists to display their art inside the Store.   Thank You Big Bend Saddlery for inviting us to be a part of your Art Walk in Alpine , Texas……….!!!!!!!!!!

Anne and I came home Sunday and unloaded and made a little trip to the ranchito to check the rain gauges.  It was wet and we dumped 1.5 inches out of the rain gauge. I has been a wet October and November and the grass is still green. We made a nice round and found the horses and what cattle we have left after selling because of  the dry times. But it is coming back and looks really good. We saw not one buzzard, neither red head or black head. Lots of ravens and morning dove. No white wing or Eurasian dove.  One rattlesnake crossing the dirt road ………..!!!!    

Not sure what all this means, but it certainly has been a year to tell about.

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