Bit and Spur Gathering at Matt Humphreys

    Bit and Spur Gathering at Matt Humphrey


 Mike Capron

Artist galore,………camp cooks to water jet experts.   They were all artist and worked at their passion.  It was inspiring to hear so many discussions on the methods of creating all of these connections to the cowboy. I learned a lot about men who have the desire to create a piece of art.  These artist were willing to learn, share, sweat and create something that was a little better than the last one they made. The willingness to share increased their ability to learn.  We all left there comfortable to go home and get to work, knowing we could use this experience to improve our own art form.  So many fundamentals necessary to remember and all this human input reminded us of the need to share and learn from others and share our past.  We all need to be reminded of our steps to create.  Some of the basics are easy to forget.  We get so enamored by our own involvement that we fail to see all the possibilities. This is where it is good to step out of your shop door and look around. Education comes hard and slow.  It is hard to find classes on drawing, composition, and eye movement.  When we see something that we like, we know we like it, but not all can tell you why they like it.  It is just education, but not many places to go to find this information.  This is not necessary education in America today.  Nearly everyone can sign a check to where it is cashable, but not many can draw a horse without looking at a photo or the horse. Yet it is the same department in your brain that you use for both of these functions.   Good way to communicate, we did it in the cave man days, not many can do it now. If you can draw a picture that is accurate of what you are fixing to build for someone, you will have a better chance of selling the item you drew, if you become good at drawing.  Drawing is just like all other muscle memory exercises. You have to do it over and over.    Some have it easier than others but most have the brain power to get it done.   The  teacher got upset with Johnny for drawing in all his books, he couldn’t pass his classes because he was drawing in his books.   His teacher was trying to get his attention and make a favorable impression on Johnny, so she ask him, “ Johnny those are beautiful drawings, how do you do that”?   

Johnny said, “Oh it is easy,……..I just think and then draw lines around my think.”

Very simple, but we have to exercise that department.     We have found simpler ways, but I don’t think they are better.

God gave us all some abilities or talents. If you want to learn how to worship God, just have faith enough to follow those God given passions, and make a living at them. 



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