Beautiful Art

     Beautiful Art


    Mike Capron


Beauty can be inexpensive or expensive.  A man who has managed to create beautiful things consistently has little problem making a living,…….usually…..????    Art teachers teach composition and other rules of visual arts. I would tell my art teacher that I didn’t like some examples of the art she was using for an example of beauty.  I was told that I hadn’t studied long enough to learn how to appreciate art…   Beauty is developed with education and time. It is a pursuit of visual exercise and learning to see.    Happy accidents happen while in pursuit of beauty……….!!!!!!!!   I love it, but they don’t happen if you are not in pursuit.    Many rules get broken and many new methods are developed.  No such thing as total success, or total failure. 

I am reminded that we all see diffidently, as my granddaughter walked up with 3 balls of clay all equal size in her little hands. Just 3 balls of clay, all equal size. I asked her what they were…….???     She said, “Art” ……

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