Ancient Artist

    Ancient Artist  


    Mike Capron


I just returned from a trip to Meyer’s Spring Ranch, not far from Dryden, Texas.   This is a very dry part of Texas. Water is a very precious commodity in this part of the world and Meyers Spring has been a favorite stop for travelers for a long, long time. 

 A beautiful clear running small stream with a solid rock bottom, and it has a solid rock wall behind the running stream. It is a perfect place for Ancient Artists to tell their stories with paint and solid rock for the surface.  The art at Meyers Spring has covered many years of Ancient Art. The stories are including mounted horseman, conquistadors with their armor, and churches with the Missionaries.   I can only guess at all the symbols of animals and characters. Lots of creativity.  It is enjoyable to look at all these stories painted with such crude tools. These are great artists. 


Many interesting artifacts are on this ranch. The largest oak tree I ever saw in not far from this spring. It’s the largest oak tree in Terrell County and maybe in Texas. There were so many bees in that tree that I couldn’t get close enough to measure around it.


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