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                                             Aired Out


                                           Skeet Gould


Clyde was an Arizona cowpuncher, and a good one . He was thin as a rail, and stayed in good shape. Clyde would drink a little. Guy was shorter, heavier, could fight, and would have a drink too .Guy was stronger than a bull , was a little outlawed, was from California.


Seems like Clyde and Guy were at a team roping, maybe Chowchilla, they entered up and were doing Ok till Clydes horse threw him off. He threw Clyde, who was a good rider, clear to the end of his bridle reins. Clyde was jerked upside down, and landed flat on his back. Guy said you could hear the air knocked out of old Clyde.


Clyde just layed there , flat on his back, and Guy could not see him breath. Scared Guy, he thought Clyde was dead. Guy jumped off his pony and ran to Clyde, whose eyes were shut. Guy hollered” Clyde are you OK”. Clyde opened one eye and said “Why hello fat Boy”. Guess he was OK.





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