A Good Horse

     A Good Horse



                                                             Mike Capron 



A good horse has a very broad description.  One description might be a triple crown winner, another might be a horse that all the kids can ride.  Some have to be real pretty so they can win the halter class at the horse show. Larry Mahan said a good horse was one that bucked the hardest so he could mark the highest score at the rodeo. The list could go on with as many as we have horseman. 

My neighbor has a son that wants a horse to ride. His son has never ridden before and can’t even ride a biciyle, but he wants to ride a horse. He has rarely been around horses, and I was impressed he knew so much about horses.  I think it is a God given passion to want to ride. I think it is a wonderful event for a kid to grow up riding.  Nothing like having a project to keep a young man or woman busy.  

The horse market has taken a big jump in the last year to two.  Not sure how to afford a horse, but if there is a will, there will be a way.     

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