The Sierry Petes


                                                                The Sierry Petes

                                                                      ( in Part )

                                                                 By Gail Gardner 


                                                Sez Sandy Bob,”Old Devil be damned,

                                                            We Boys is kinda tight,

                                         But you ain’t a-goin’ to gather no cowboy souls,

                                                   “Thout you has some kind of a fight.”

                                               So Sandy Bob punched a hole in his rope,

                                                        And he swang her straight and true,

                                                     He lapped it on to the Devils horns,

                                                            And he taken his dallies too.

                                                         Now Buster Jig was a riata man,

                                                         With his gut-line coiled up neat,

                                            So he shaken her out an’ he built him a loop, 

                                                      An’ he passed the Devil’s hind feet .

This is only part of Gail’s Poem, I recommend reading all of the Poem, It is my favorite Cowboy Poem.   

George Phippen has done some beautiful art work depicting this poem. He did a bronze of the devil which is one of my all time favorite sculptures. He has done several pen and ink drawings of this same subject and he did an oil painting of the same scene. I love them all. I don’t normally try to do something that someone else has already done, but this one is too good and a true cowboy classic. So I did the pen and ink and I will probably do the oil painting also. Just to much history and cowboy fun!!!

I have this pen and ink for sale, it is 17×24 framed and ready to hang for $6100 plus S&H.    It is a fine example of how to handle the devil when he shows up !!!

I appreciate the comments and enjoyment, any one interested can contact me at the info below.

Mike Capron

432 238-2005


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