So Long Bonnie, But Not Good Bye


                                           So Long Bonnie But Not Good Bye
                                                           Mike Capron 
I never met anyone that didn’t love Bonnie.  Even if they had never met her, but heard stories of her, they loved her. She never said good bye, it was just until next time. You always looked forward to the next time. I am sure her heritage was a big factor in her huge character, Prathers have been known for their convictions, but I promise you God created a mountain of a woman in Bonnie Prather Larreau and I will bet that the Good Lord has been giggling thinking about her coming to the pearly gates, no telling how things are getting rearranged there. 
The West was settled by people who were strong and certain of their ideas. The Comanches didn’t have a chance when women like Bonnie showed up. Dell Valley, Crow Flat, Otero Mesa, Salt Flat, and the West Face of the Guadalupes were her stomping grounds and she was comfortable with all of it and all the people who dwelled there. Herding sheep, running a bar, trapping coyotes and painting pictures are not for the weak and timid. She did them all and was a pro at them all.  Coyote didn’t have a chance if he messed with one of her sheep. 
The Sheepherder Bar in Dell City was a gathering place for cowboys. They were comfortable at the Sheepherder, having spent long days in the surrounding country side working in less than ideal conditions. The art work left by cowboys in the Sheepherder was a testimonial to the respect they had for Bonnie. The Bar is adorned with masterpieces done by Bob Jones.   Cowboys would stand up for Bonnie. Lots of lovely evenings I have spent listening to the greatest music possible ……….played by the local musicians from all the surrounding ranches. I would match them up against Nashville any day.   Bonnie and the Sheepherder were a magnet.
Liz Templeton put it well, when she heard of Bonnie’s passing to the next step.
She said, “Going to be a party at the Pearly Gates tonight “.




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